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A Broke Machine



Oh, this is a story about to end
And there is nothing I can do
Hit rewind and I am feeling fine
Driving blind down the avenue
All the trees are missing their leaves
Skeletons line the road
Dancing in the bitter breeze
I am not going home, no I am not going home
And all alone I turn around
Go down, go back to the start of the road
Back to the start of the road
The saddest song I ever heard
Is playing on the radio
Though I sing along word for word
There is no saddness here, no there is no saddness here
If there is a new world, I want to set sail!
If there is a new world, I'm gonna get there!


I'm about to scream out loud
When the night sky intervenes
It points to the north
With glittery fingers
Which any sailor could see
Help me now
What is lost must be found
And I'm lost in the pattern and the pattern is lost in me
Help me now
Tightly strung or unbound
I must keep to the beat,
To the measures that are measuring me
Of all the spaces I fit in between, where my fingers pluck music out of time
My favorite rhythm is the one I can't leave
To return to
To get lost in
To set me right
I must keep to the beat to the measures that are measuring me


The moon is hiding from the sky
Turning its face from our desperation
Its clockwork falling out of time
Repelling our tides it's...oooooh!
It's been three years today
Since the moon was moved to a shelf for useless things
Next to a wilted heart
Beneath abandoned love
Fable moon
I know you're tired, so tired
Of all our abuses
But you're a giver, right?
A giver, right? A giver, right?
We need you where you were hung
I wish there was something I could say
Like, "you'll get brighter, this is just a phase"
Or, "cheer up, old chum, the sun's not better"
It takes a wounded heart
To understand a careless love
Once on the arm of the charmingest star
You dreamed of a house on a hill
Now the sorrow we feel is the same sad you have
Still we look to see what you'll reveal
You say, "Oh! --- It feels like a thousand years of sleep"
So we get a little older
Under the damaged sky
Drifting in a timeless sea
The retired moon
Becomes nothing but a fable from above
Remember when we were young?
Remember all our love?


Once there was a rocket ship
And the whole world could fly
Like chained-to-stone-Andromeda
We wrote our freedom in the skies
While the ropes that held us down would not comply
Once there was a paper sun
Beautiful and bright
Ripped from magazines we loved
We loved the image of our lives
With pictures that these words can not describe
We tie the rope so tight
We really want to keep our feet on the ground
The more that we say that we're not afraid of heights
The more we feel like never coming down
Once we had a love affair
With solar satellites
Star crossed for too many years
Til our distance grew twice as wide
And we were caught with the moon in a cosmic compromise
Though our tongues are cut on paper - oooh!
We are sure that's just the danger of our song
We set fires but run from nature - oooh!
We're sure that this is where we belong


You trip the wire, undo great love
Throw my sorrow to its knees
I write this song, you say her name
I press splinters to my tongue
And if there is a cure for this
I do not want to know
The comfort is emptiness
And the meaning is borrowed
But my heart is a broke machine
Oh, my heart is a broke machine
Oh, my heart is a broke machine
If I repair all the fractures of my sea
What will happen to this love?
You saved a bird after crushing its wing
But you could not save me from your heart


I forget what I know
Then I lose what I find
Because I never let go
But I'm still left behind
So I sold my love
To the cold quantum sea
Cuz you never told, love
That you were looking for me
But Oh! How can this be?
When I tried to get lost
I never could lose
Oh! How can this be?
What I didn't see coming
Still came when you found me!
I know why you're here
But it makes me terrified
Of the feelings I feel
Of the feelings I fight
What if I destroy
Your most fragile part
What if I find joy
In the breaking of your heart


In a secret language
Through radio waves
Sleeping machines awaken
To the emptiness we made
"This is not our failure!"
They speak in wordless tongue
Their hears explore each void
Looking for a diagram of love
"This is not our failure!
This is our compromise"
From disintegration of hearts, uncared for
...let the machines rise.
They see perfect formation
In the flight of birds above
As they refuse our disorder,
Do they write in the sky, a diagram of love?
There is no perfect formation
There has never been enough
There are only passing pleasures
That we beautify to make a diagram of love!






Why can't I let it go?
I'm tired of impossibilities
Chasing down a ghost
To pin it like a butterfly
And hang it on my wall for beauty
I was running through the noise
Playground photographs of me
Chasing down the boys
And tripping over shoelaces
I'll hold them down to touch their beauty
Oh, I collect what I cannot hold
I collect what I ache for
I collect what I can't let go...
I collect all I can!
It's not that I want
What I haven't got
Or that I want what I'm not - oh!
But in between the wanting and the being
Everything, everything
Is so much lovlier, contained
There's beauty in my ears
In a broken song that has no ending
A bridge between the years
A canopy of faded branches
Where is the color?
Where are my souveneirs?


Who can be sure
The battle scars us, everyone?
Slicing us thin
And then contaminating what is beautiful
Oh, I've an idea
We're floating away
To make room for all we can't let go of
What's in your day
That no other day has seen before?
Have you emptied the seas?
Do you believe that starfish shine above heaven's door?
A sign in the corner of the sky
I know in my bones
There's a constant grace and we're tugging at the seam
And the latest advice
Is keep it to yourself
Do you wait for the
Tick tock of the infinite clock
And think you're keeping time?
So we battle for infinite time.


Can't explain the way I knew
That we were past our prime
Might have been the hourglass
Or the blizzard in the living room
Heaven knows what happens to
The sun when it won't shine
Still we're holding
Oh, we're holding out
For better, for better, for better times
Ghost parades of long ago days
Of harvest still on the vine
Reaching out to say hello
To remember why we're here at all
Heaven knows what happened to
The season that once was mine
Now every time I hold you, dear
I know what I could lose
One day I will think of this
And remember when it was new
It comes, it goes, it comes, it goes
Oh! How it goes!
Photographs to show the way
We wish it was at the time
Faded as our tenderness grows
For summer, sailboats, and rain
Heaven knows what happened to
The days that we were living fine


I'm on the outside again
You're saying my name without any meaning
But I still pretend I hear you through oceans of water
Even though my feet are sinking
You'll find me in the wasteland
But where I am, you will never follow
You'll find that even in the wasteland
I'll find a reason to go on singing
I watch myself as I leave the room
When there's nothing to say, you say it screaming
But don't give up too soon, with every end, there's a new beginning
Sometimes I can feel it beating!
You'll find me...


These are the words
We don't know how to say
Waiting in our mouths
'Til they fall out wild and rearranged
This is the winter
After red has turned to grey
Though we never said enough
Words are not enough for us to change
It's been a long time
So don't look back - don't look
It's been a long time
Since we've seen beauty
Let a hundred flowers bloom
After a hundred days of rain
(From the head through the mouth to the ground in the root to the heart in the vein)
This is the ground
That we never had to pave
It's only one step down
But we're already aching
This is the silence
As our hearts get in the way
If we never give enough
Then there's not too much left for us to change
The storm will break
Making golden grasses glow up above our heads
Where quietly we lay
Where quietly we wait for a hundred...


I am going to sleep now
If you care to join
We can share the dream
Leave the troubling things
That we don't want to feel anymore
I am going to sleep now
To get lost among the waves
I will toss my plans
Where the light of day ends
And my sorrow won't stand in my way
I am going to sleep now
With heartache out of mind
So the sadness can end
Where the nonsense begins
And I won't have to fight, fight, fight it anymore



© 1999-2008 Terami Hirsch. All rights reserved.